Ulupo Heiau by Chris Dacus


Ulupō Heiau overlooks Kawainui Marsh (Hawaiian for “The big water”). Kawainui Marsh is Hawaii’s largest remaining wetland encompassing 830 acres.

Ulupō Heiau is one of the oldest cultural sites on O`ahu and is the second-largest remaining heiau on the island. The oral history says that the heiau was constructed by menehune, who were mythical masters of stone work and engineering. The Ulupō Heiau is comprised of stones from as far away as Kualoa. The heiau is 140 feet by 180 feet and 30 feet high. Ulupō means “night inspiration” and may have been used as a luakini heaiu where human sacrifices occurred.

In 1972, Ulupō Heiau was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was listed on the Hawai‘i Register of Historic Places in 1981.

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