Iroquois Point/Pu’uloa


Piece of Paradise by Chris Dacus

Iroquois Point/Pu’uloa

Island of O’ahu, Hawai’i

Iroquois Point originally called Pu‘uloa is located on the south coast of the Ewa Plain on the Island of O’ahu. Pu‘uloa is famous as a place where Polynesians first landed on O‘ahu and where breadfruit was first brought to Hawai‘i in the 12th century by the chief Kahai, a grandson of Moikeha, and elder of O‘ahu chief Mailikukahi. James Dowsett purchased Pu‘uloa in the 1880s and established a large ranch. The Army acquired Pu‘uloa in 1904 and became known as Puuloa Military Reservation of Oahu. The Navy developed this area into a small‐arms range, and by 1927, the Puuloa Naval Reservation became known as the Navy Rifle Range.

The name of Iroquois Point was derived from the name USS Iroquois which was held by two U.S. Navy ships. Both ships had history that related to that spot at the entrance to Pearl Harbor. USS Iroquois, a steam sloop of war commissioned in 1850, was outfitted as a hospital ship to provide care to U.S. sailors aboard vessels anchored in Honolulu Harbor, and it is believed that the ship was anchored near the present Iroquois Point site. The second USS Iroquois, a commercial steam tug commissioned in 1898, was assigned to Commander F. Merry as part of his operations at Naval Station Honolulu.

In the 1960s, 1,461 homes were built at Iroquois Point on 367 acres by the US Navy. In 2003, the US Navy signed a 65-year lease for Iroquois Point to Hunt Building Co. and Fluor Federal Services LLC—a joint venture now operating as Ford Island Properties—in exchange for in-kind construction and infrastructure repairs on Ford Island.

In 2012, nine new "t-groins" were built on the seashore using 2,000 truckloads of boulders and 85,000 cubic yards of sand dredged from Honolulu Harbor for the largest beach replenishment project in state history. The beach has some very nice thatched sitting areas. It’s one of our favorite beaches and we live less than 2 miles away.

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