Kualakaʻi Beach Fisherman

Fishing at Kualaka'i Beach by Chris Dacus

Kualakaʻi Beach Fisherman

KualakaʻI Beach in Kalaeloa, Oʻahu. Also known as White Plains Beach. A popular Ewa Beach surf spot known to have a wave like Canoes surf break in Waikiki. Kalaeloa literally means “long point” in Hawaiian, most likely receiving this name for its appearance from the Diamond Head end of Mamala Bay, from which it appears to be an extremely long point. Kalaeloa is the original name for Barber's Point, Oʻahu, where Captain Henry Barber went aground in 1796. In 2000, following the closure of BPNAS, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names approved the Redevelopment Commission's application to change the name of the area back to the traditional Hawaiian name Kalaeloa.

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