Iconic Le' ahi - Diamond Head

Le' ahi - Diamond Head
by Chris Dacus

Iconic  Le' ahi - Diamond Head

The iconic silhouette of Diamond Head State Monument sits on the east side of Kapiolani Park. This 761-foot crater is one of Hawaii's most famous landmarks.

Hawaiians called the volcanic cone Lēʻahi, Laeʻahi or Lae-ahi.  Translations include: “brow of the ʻahi (tuna)” and “cape of fire. The crater was named Diamond Head by 19th century British sailors who thought they discovered diamonds on the crater's slopes. These "diamonds" were actually shiny calcite crystals that had no value.

Today, Diamond Head is a popular hiking trail with panoramic views of Waikiki, Diamond Head surf breaks and Oahu's south shore. It's a 1.6 mile round trip hike. Short and sweet :)

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