Waikiki Natatorium

Majestic Wrought Iron Gates of the Waikiki Natatorium
by Chris Dacus

Majestic Gates

I am a big fan of the Beaux-Arts architectural style and these wrought iron gates are my favorite gates in Hawai'i. The simplicity yet decorative overall composition of a design that looks like waves or possibly flowers. Just stunning.

Beaux-Arts architectural style is such a classical style. Beaux-Arts architecture expresses the academic neoclassical architectural style taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Beaux-Arts architecture depended on sculptural decoration employing French and Italian Baroque and Rococo styles.

Waikiki Natatorium

Located in Honolulu, at the shore west of Kapiʻolani Park and completed in 1927, the natatorium was built in the Hawaiian Beaux-Arts architectural style. The entrance to the memorial includes an arch featuring four stone eagles typical of this style.

Inside the memorial is a 100 meter by 40 meter salt water swimming pool. In the opening ceremonies on August 24, 1927, the local Olympic gold medal holder Duke Kahanamoku made the first swim (it was his birthday).

The Waikiki Natatorium Arch
by Chris Dacus

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