Pu'u Kanehoalani

Pu'u Kanehoalani and Paliku by Chris Dacus

Pu'u Kanehoalani 

Pu'u Kanehoalani, named for a god who “ruled the heavens” According to some, he was the father of Pele. The great mountain range from Kualoa. This mountain is said to be one of Pele’s many brothers who came with her on her journey to find a new home from Kāhiki (Tahiti).

Kualoa was considered from ancient times to be one of the most sacred places on Oahu, a land held kapu for the ruling chief.  No canoes could pass by without lowering its sails when a chief was in residence there. This area had a puuhonua, a place of refuge, to which people fled for protection, where a man condemned to die was saved if he entered it. There he could be absolved by a kahuna (priest) in a purification ceremony, then return home with his transgression forgiven. Defeated warriors and non-combatants could also find refuge here during times of battle.

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