by Chris Dacus


A’a pulupulu, kukini,
Up flamed her kindling,

Wela ka lani;
Torching the heavens;

He uwila ku'i no ka honua,
  Earth saw the flash of lightning,

Hekili pa'apa'ina i ke ao;
  Heard the thunder echoed by mountain walls:

Pohaku puoho, lele iluna;
  Rocks flung into space; bombarded the day:

Opa'ipa'i wale ka Mauna;
  Shaking the mountain to its base;

Pipili ka luni,
The heavens sagged,

pa'a ia moku
  clung to the iskland,

Nalo Hawai'i ka uahi a ka Wahine
  Hawaii was lost in her smoke....

From Pele and Hi'iaka: A Myth from Hawai'i by N.B. Emerson 1915

Volcano National Park

I love national parks. They are what makes our country so spectacular and awe inspiring. America has such incredible landscapes. Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to many national parks and Volcano is one of my favorites.

The lava, the rainforest, the altitude, the native flora and birds and frankly the quietness - it never seems crazy with crowds. This recent trip was fantastic. This picture was predawn at the Jagger Museum lookout. I met a fellow who had recently moved to Volcano from California. We talked for an hour then the sun rose and we both went our own ways.

If I ever can buy a second home it will be in Volcano, Hawai'i:)

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